Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Once you’ve spent a few thousand Euros on commercial refrigeration for your kitchen, the last thing you want to do is slip into lazy habits and not keep on top of it. Not only will this minimise the longevity of the commercial refrigeration, but it will also reduce the quality of the food you store inside it.

Make it a regular thing to do a once over on your commercial refrigeration equipment to ensure there are no problems or potential problems, such as problems with the doors or frost starting to form. If you spot it early, it can mean you prevent a very stressful period of time in your kitchen! Imagine if your refrigerator stops working properly when you have 100 people wanting to be served in your restaurant, you are going to have one heck of a task on your hands. So do your best to maintain it by checking over things, and replacing any worn parts as necessary. A small part being worn down can, like anything, lead to much bigger problems refrigerator repair pasadena.

So ensure you do the above on a regular basis, and your commercial refrigeration equipment should stay in top shape. You know what’s coming next (and even worse, more importantly) don’t you? Cleaning! It is simple, but I agree it is very boring. But it’s a nice feeling when you finish and your commercial refrigeration appliances look shiny and new. You have to make sure you clean the interior really well, just using some soapy water. I would recommend you do this every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure you keep on top of things.

Also clean the outside of it, get it looking nice and shiny. Each of the components also needs cleaning, such as the motor and the fan. I know this is something you would expect me to tell a child, but please make sure you have unplugged the commercial refrigeration appliances before you do this. Sounds simple, which is it, but people always overlook it, and regret it! If you keep the fan clean, then it will stay in full working order and will prevent frost-formation. So you can see how keeping on top of the cleaning can avoid other problems.

Hopefully these few tips have given you an idea of what needs to be done in order to maintain your commercial refrigeration. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car and not clean it or have it serviced, don’t buy refrigeration equipment and not clean it and service it.

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